ACS will provide your business with the best networking option possible, to allow maximum use and get the best results that will lead you to a better performance and closer to the top in today's fast growing technology world. Our very well trained staff will design, implement and configure the network of your dreams presenting you high end options like:

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Local Area Networks
  • Wireless Local-Area-Networks (WLANs)
  • Wireless Wide-Area-Networks (WWANs)
  • High speed internet connections such as T1s (DS-1s), T3s (DS-3s), DSLs, or Wireless T1s
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote access and administration
  • Uniform look & feel, simple operation
  • High end servers and workstations
  • Off working hours service available

What is a Virtual Private Network ?

If you have more than one office in your business and you wish these offices to be regarded as an extension to your own internal network, then a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be the answer for you.
By utilizing the latest router and Internet technologies, you may link your offices together with a secure "tunnel" which ensures that no one else may get access to your inter-branch data. A VPN is the most secure and reliable way to connect branch offices together while taking advantage of the low cost access to the Internet.

Benefits of a VPN

For business who are located in different cities or counties, the benefits of a VPN are immediate. In many instances the initial capital outlay is paid for within two months.
As each office dials into their local ISP, the cost of the call is based on local costs only. Thus no STD or international call costs are incurred. This alone can save your organization a substantial amount, specifically if international offices are to be connected.
The VPN deploys the latest encryption technologies on the market. Typically 56-bit encryption is deployed with 128-bit encryption becoming more popular. This means your data is secure at all times and cannot be intercepted during transmission.
Once setup, a VPN is practically a no-cost maintenance infrastructure. The ISP is responsible for maintaining the links.

Our promise

With ACS, satisfaction is guaranteed. We conduct our business professionally and strive to maintain the reputation that we earned over the years. Our service does not end with a sale, we have a highly trained staff of technical support people ready to answer any hardware and/or software question you may have. Our technical support staff thoroughly evaluates the problem and responds to the customer in a timely fashion. No questions go unanswered, from the simple "how to" to complicated networking issues. ACS is a proven performer in computer arena of today and tomorrow. Regardless of your computer needs, our experts can suggest an effective solution for your business. Call today for a free consultation.

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