The composition of business is changing. At one time business was conducted in storefronts and conference rooms of high-rise buildings. Transactions that once took days or even weeks to complete are now done in a fraction of that time. We are in the midst of an economic revolution, a paradigm that has not been witnessed since the Industrial Revolution. The brick-and-mortar businesses of yesterday are being replaced by the dynamic e-businesses of today.

It is predicted that the US Business to Business market will surge to more than $6 trillion in online trade by 2005. The most successful businesses will be those that adapt most speedily and completely to the Internet Economy. Becoming an e-business is about transitioning your company into the information age and capitalizing on the change in business architecture in the new Millennium.

It is a fact that e-business companies will dominate the national and global economies. E-business isn't about technology alone, but about new models of commerce, marketing and distribution. Opportunities for increasing market share and revenues abound. In an era where information travels at the speed of light, how will you manage to leverage the forces that are reshaping business and innovate faster than your competitors?

ACS provides the high-impact design, technical knowledge, insight and expertise necessary for quality, integrated business automation. We supply the business experience to support and guide our clients in envisioning and attaining the opportunities available. Our goal is to deliver actionable and timely solutions to meet your specific business needs. We offer a full spectrum of services that will allow your business to successfully develop into an integral part of the Internet Revolution of the 21st Century.

We invite you to give ACS an opportunity to explore how our business knowledge and technical expertise can benefit your company. Whether you are just starting out or are an established Fortune 500 company, ACS can deliver solutions that will allow your organization to attain a lasting, competitive advantage that is so important in today's electronic commerce economy.

What will you do about "e" in your business?
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